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  • Matrículas

    Enrollment 02/2017

    We are pleased to announce that enrollment for the second semester of 2017, regular students and special students, will be held from July 10 to 28. Students entering through the Selective Process 02/2017 must register in the date defined by the official notice. The advisor should send on these dates the enrollment form along with the student's follow-up report to the secretary's email posbioufg@gmail.com.
    The respective application forms for internal or external students can be found at the link "documents" ------> "forms" ----> "Application for registration - internal student" (for PPGCB students ) Or "Application for registration - external student" (for special or external students to the PPGCB). The student follow-up report is only required for "in-house students" from the second enrollment in the program. The student follow-up form can be found in the "documents" link ------> "forms" ----> "Student follow-up Report"
    * The disciplines that will be offered and the number of places in each discipline can be found in the link "Program" ------> "disciplines" ----> "02 / 2017".
    * Definition of a regular student and a special student: - Regular student is one enrolled in the Master, Academic or Professional, or Doctorate courses of the UFG - Special student is one enrolled in isolated disciplines of Master's or PhD courses

  • seleção

    Selective Process 02/2017

    The Coordination of the Post Graduate Program in Biological Sciences (PPGCB) of the Institute of Biological Sciences of the Federal University of Goiás, makes public the opening of inscriptions to the selection process for the Masters and Doctorate for 2017/2, between  06/26/2017 to 07/27/2017. Access the Notice and other information of the selection process by clicking the  "Selection" link.

  • Integridade Acadêmica

    PPGCB Discusses Academic Integrity

    On 06 June 2017, the students of the PPGCB participated in a seminar involving the topic "Academic Integrity". The students Larissa Matuda, Gustavo Mota and Marlene Santos presented to the professors, postdoctorals and colleagues topics such as: I) Ethics and Academic Integrity, II) Wrong Academic Behavior, III) Plagiarism and Autoplagiarism, IV) Academic Integrity and Reproducibility , V) Authority, VI) Research Ethics Committee (CEP) and VII) Regulation to avoid misconduct of research. The activity is part of the discipline called "Academic Integrity" offered by the Pro-Rectory of Research and Innovation. The evaluation of this discipline was delegated to the Coordination of the PPGCB. In this sense, the Coordination proposed that the topics be addressed through a seminar addressed to all students of the Program, aiming to disseminate the importance of ethical and moral principles in the conduct of research and in the full training of its researchers. The seminar material was sent electronically to all teachers, students and postdoctorandos of the PPGCB with the aim of maintaining a broad and continuous discussion of this important topic.





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