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    Selective Process 02/2018

    The Coordination of the Graduate Program in Biological Sciences announces the publication of the Call to the Selective Process 02/2018 whose registrations will be made in the period from 05/21 to 06/07/2018. Access the Call and other related information through the "Selection" link.

  • Matrículas

    Enrollment 02/2018

    We are pleased to announce that enrollment for the second semester of 2018, regular students and special students, will be held from July 2 to 20. Students entering through the Selective Process 02/2018 must register in the date of August 6 to 10. The advisor should send on these dates the enrollment form along with the student's follow-up report to the secretary's email posbioufg@gmail.com.
    The respective application forms for internal or external students can be found at the link "documents" ------> "forms" ----> "Application for registration - internal student" (for PPGCB students ) Or "Application for registration - external student" (for special or external students to the PPGCB). The student follow-up report is only required for "in-house students" from the second enrollment in the program. The student follow-up form can be found in the "documents" link ------> "forms" ----> "Student follow-up Report"
    * The disciplines that will be offered and the number of places in each discipline will be available until June 20 and would be found in the link "Program" ------> "disciplines" ----> "02 / 2018".
    * Definition of a regular student and a special student: - Regular student is one enrolled in the Master, Academic or Professional, or Doctorate courses of the UFG - Special student is one enrolled in isolated disciplines of Master's or PhD courses

  • Aviso

    Internal Regulations of the PPGCB is approved

    The PPGCB Coordination approved at the meeting of 05/17/2018 the new Internal Regulations of the Program, in compliance with Resolution 1403 of the UFG and the Specific Regulation of the PPGCB. The document is available in the "Documents" section of this site. At the time, standards were also defined for the completion of the teaching training, which is also available on the website.

  • Nota 5

    PPGCB is evaluated by Capes as a Program Note 5

    Capes released on Wednesday, December 20, the final result of the 2013-2016 Quadrennial Assessment of Graduate Programs. The PPGCB was considered in this second stage of evaluation as a Program note 5 by the consultants of the area in which the program is housed (CB 2), and this result was endorsed by CTC-Capes. Note 5 is already considered by CB2 as a program with criteria of quality and excellence. Above of note 5, there are notes 6 and 7 that consider differentiated aspects of excellence among PPGs. Congratulations to the teachers, students, technicians and all those who are involved in the to improving and developing the PPGCB.

  • Curso Verão

    3rd Summer Course in Biological Sciences

    The 3rd Summer Course of the PPGCB will take place from January 15 to 19, 2018 at the Institute of Biological Sciences of UFG - Samambaia Campus. Aimed at undergraduates or recent graduates who have an interest in knowing the universe of postgraduate and scientific research and who may in the future enter the masters or PhD of the PPGCB.

    So, this is your opportunity to get to know us better. The program includes lectures and practical classes in the areas of Genetics, Morphology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physiology.

    Entries will be from October 9 to November 9, 2017 and the investment is $ 75.00. Information can be obtained from the organizing committee by email: cursoveraoufg@gmail.com

    Access the Summer Course page on Facebook "Summer Course in Biological Sciences UFG".

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